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Laura Fridman is a French artist based in Tel Aviv. Growing up in Paris and studying at Yale University, Fridman launched her career as a classical dancer.

Drawing on her formal training as a ballerina, Fridman's painterly practice is centred around the female figure and dismantling culturally constructed notions of beauty. Curved lines, elongated necks and delicate hands persistently punctuate her canvases, reflecting her experience in the world of dance and the pervasive scrutiny imposed on the female body. 

The artist's work fluidly oscillates between representation and abstraction. Mysterious wide-eyed figures are often accompanied by bodily distortions. Influenced by the physically demanding discipline of ballet, Fridman's painterly precision alludes to the geometry of the body, while simultaneously exposing its malleability. 

Fridman's art provides a portal into her inner world. She creates visual poetry that dances across the canvas and into the viewer's imagination.


"I'm interested in what is concealed and what is revealed, our strength and fragility, our perfection and pain. My art seeks to explore ephemerality, beauty, the body and our ongoing journey of self-discovery."




Group Show - "Pequenos Formatos 2023" - Galeria Monumental, Lisbon, Portugal

Group Show - "Reimagined Realities" - Arteria Gallery, Barcelona, Spain 

Art Fair - Salon international d’art contemporain Art3f, Monaco

Art Fair - Salon international d’art contemporain Art3f, Zurich



Group Show - Curated by JAVART - Florentin House, Tel Aviv, Israel

Solo Show - "A Musical Touch" - Kuli Alma Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel          

Art Fair - Salon international d’art contemporain Art3f, Monaco

Group Show - "Beregini: Women and War" - Kuli Alma Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel


Group Show - Space no. 9 - Jaffa, Israel 


Group Show - "Salon d’Automne à Jérusalem" - Jerusalem House of Quality, Israel





Duplex AIR - Lisbon, Portugal 

NAPOLEON KOMPLEX - Berlin, Germany 

BAI - Berlin, Germany 

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